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Being a traditional martial art, instruction in Kuk Sool is given in both Korean and English. Below is some of the terminology used in Kuk Sool. Because Korean uses a different alphabet than English, the English spellings are phonetic approximations. If you have the opportunity, consult with a native Korean speaker for proper pronunciation.
Basic Words | Basic Names & Titles | Numbers | Parts of the Body | Directions & Moves
Jah Se (Stances)Animal Movements | Soo Ki (Hand Techniques)
Johk Sool (Leg or Kicking Techniques) | Nak Bub (Falling Principles)
Greetings and Phrases
Basic Words
Yea Eue: Etiquette   Ki Hahp: Forcing Ki by Pressure when Breathing

Doh Jahng: Practice Hall

  Joon Bee: Ready

Soom She Ki: Breathing

  Soo Ryuhn: Practice
Kyung Neh: Bow   Mon Puhl Ki: Warm-up Exercises

Doh Bok: Uniform

  She Jahk: Begin

Ki Cho Jah Ki: Breathing Exercises

  Geu Mahn: Stop
Cha Ryuht: Attention   Kuk Ki: National Flag
Di: Belt   Geut: Finish

Ki: Internal Life Force

  Shee Uh: Rest

Juhng Jah: Proper Sitting

  Won Ki: Kuk Sool Association Flag
Eue Bok: Clothing   Bah Roh: At Ease
Basic Names & Titles
Kuk Sa Nim: Grandmaster (10th degree Black Belt)
Chong Kwan Jahng Nim: Chiefmaster (9th degree Black Belt)
Kwan Jahng Nim: Master (5th, 6th, 7th, 8th degree Black Belt)
Sa Bum Nim: Instructor (4th degree Black Belt)
Pu Sa Bum Nim: Assistant Instructor (3rd degree Black Belt)
Kyo Sa Nim: Assistant Instructor (2nd degree Black Belt)
Jo Kyo Nim: Assistant Instructor (1st degree Black Belt)
Dahn Boh Nim: Black-Brown Belt
Ja Di: Brown Belt

Hohng Di: Red Belt

Chuhng Di: Blue Belt

Noh Rahng Di: Yellow Belt
Hin Di: White Belt
Hah Nah: One  

Yeh Soon: Sixty

Dul: Two


Il Heun: Seventy

Set: Three


Yuh Deun: Eighty

Net: Four  

Ah Heun: Ninety

Dah Suht: Five


Baek: One Hundred

Yah Suht: Six

  Il: First

Il Gohp: Seven

  Ee: Second
Yuh Duhl: Eight  

Sahm: Third

Ah Hohp: Nine


Sah: Fourth

Yul: Ten


Oh: Fifth

Seu Mool: Twenty   Yook: Sixth
Suh Reun: Thirty   Chil: Seventh
Mah Heun: Forty  

Pahl: Eighth

Shwin: Fifty  

Gu: Ninth


Ship: Tenth

Parts of the Body
Bahl: Foot  

Sohn Mohk: Wrist

Bahl Deung: Foot Top


Ahn Sohn Mohk: Inside Wrist

Bahl Koom Chi: Heel


Bahl Mohk: Ankle

Dah Ree: Leg  

Pahl Koom Chi: Elbow

Moo Reup: Knee


Uh Kae: Shoulder

Sohn: Hand

  Hyul: Pressure Point
Directions & Moves
Ahn: Inside  

Yahng: Both

Ahp: Front


Ssahng: Double

Yuhp: Side


Yuhk: Reverse

Dee, Dwee: Back  

Ban De: Other Direction

Dee Uh: Jumping


Dee Roh Doh Rah: Turn Around

Hweh Juhn: Turning

  Sahng: High
Doh Rah: Spinning   Joong: Middle
    Hah: Low
Jah Se (Stances)
Kong Kyuk Jah Se: Offense/Attack Stance
Ki Mah Jah Se: Horse-riding Stance

Bahng Uh Jah Se: Defense Stance

Juhng Gool Jah Se: Long/Front Stance
Animal Movements
Ho Rang Ee: Tiger
Dok Soo Ri: Eagle

Bahm: Snake

Juhng Gool Jah Se: Long/Front Stance
Sa Ma Gi: Praying Mantis
Hak: Crane
Soo Ki (Hand Techniques)
Juhng Gwuhn: Straight Punch

Soo Doh: Knife Hand

Yuhk Gwuhn: Reverse Punch (Uppercut)

Yuhk Soo Doh: Ridge Hand

Il Ji Gwuhn: 1-Finger Fist

Ssahng Soo Doh: Double Knife Hand

Sah Ji Gwuhn: 4-Knuckle Fist
Hweh Juhn Soo Doh: Circle Knife Hand
Gahk Gwuhn: Back Fist

Pyung Soo: Palm Strike

Kah Mah Mahk Ki: Spinning Back Fist

Ssahng Pyung Soo: Double Palm Strike

Sohn Deung: Backhand Strike
Sah Mah Gwi: Praying Mantis Hand
Gwahn Soo: Spear Hand
Pahl Koom Chi Ki: Elbow Strike

Ahp Dee Soo Ki: Punch-Punch-Turning Knife Hand Combination

Kah Mah Hoo Li Ki: Turning Ridge-Knife-Ridge Hand Combination
Ship Ja Mahk Ki: Four-Direction Block
Johk Sool (Leg or Kicking Techniques)
Ahp Cha Ohl Li Ki: Straight Leg Kick

Ahp Cha Ki: Front Kick

Hoo Li Ki: Sweep

Bahl Deung Cha Ki: Roundhouse Kick

Jik Uh Cha Ki: Axe Kick

Bahl Koom Chi Doh Li Ki: Hook Kick

Doh Rah Cha Ki: Spin Kick

Yuhp Cha Ki: Side Kick

Ahn Dah Ree: Inside Kick

Dee Cha Ki: Back Kick

Bah Gaht Dah Ree: Outside Kick

Dee Doh Rah Yuhp Cha Ki: Turn Back Side Kick

Moo Reup Cha Ki: Knee Kick
Nak Bub (Falling Principles)
Ahp Nak Bub: Front Fall

Hweh Juhn Nak Bub: Rolling Fall

Dee Nak Bub: Back Fall

Goh Yahng Ee Nak Bub: Cat Roll

Yuhp Nak Bub: Side Fall

Gong Joong Hweh Juhn Nak Bub: High Fall

Ahp Yuhp Nak Bub: Twisting Fall

Doo Sohn Poong Cha: Two-Hand Cartwheel

Hahn Sohn Poong Cha: One-Hand Cartwheel

Pahl Koom Chi Poong Cha: Elbow Cartwheel


Greetings and Phrases
Ahn Young Hah Shi Nee Kah?: Hello/Hi/How Are You?

Ahn Young Hee Kah Ship See Yo: Goodbye/Go Safely

Soo Guh Heet Sahm Nee Dah: You Worked Hard

Kahm Sah Hahm Nee Dah: Thank You

Chuhn Mahn Eh Yo: You're Welcome

Soo Ryuhn Geut: Finish Practice